Thursday, June 28, 2007

minty is lonely

Little minty is finally going nuts again without anything to do.When there is no holidays and just uni, she is busily keeping her mind occupied on school work.Holidays are a nightmare to her when there is nothing to do, she goes on a excessive rampage of thinking nonsense and worrying too much.CRAZY oredi la..i want uni to start quickly.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ice skating

i just came home from ice damn refreshing...for the record,3 nasty bruise on my left knee and so much FUN!!!so happy..hahas..There are so many good skaters around..hais..and there are two cute guys, super pro and so suai when they are ice skating..when the music comes on, and the room darkens with flickering lights, is just like on the ice..too bad, i dont have a partner..AHAHAHAs

Sunday, June 24, 2007

time for job hunting

Holidays are here...urgh,,the boredom...i hate HOLIDAYS..nothing to do la..its like shop or watch tv? thats why im finding a job..hope i can get one after handing out so many resumes today.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exam is over...AHAHAHA

exam is finally over..phew..its soFREAKING me think so much la...oh well...And its FREAKING cold...windy windy days.. Oh well..sometimes i think too much when im alone..hahas..1.5 yrs of independence?LOLS...i feel that sometimes a person strong exterior is just for show, its to cover up how weak they feel..defense mechanism..i think although i have grown stronger, i have also grown weaker..its like philosophy..the good and the bad..yin and yang.. weakness and strongness..hahaas..wad a complement seriously..oh man..still got 2.5 yrs to go..when mi gg to return home fully? I dun have the answer yet..still finding myself..i shall go on a journey next yr..lols..

Friday, June 01, 2007

exam time

oooo..its exam time meaning SEMESTER one 2007 is going to be over..WOOhooo...hahahs.this means i have to work so hard for this exam...MAN..YEAR 2 sux big many little time and SO much to study...oh well.. Hear this little minty complain..but alls good..this means i am closer to graduation...haahas... So exciting though, its the boys gg to Uni soon..hehe..their time has come. P.S: i not sure whether i coming home in dec..i shall decide later..