Monday, November 20, 2006


I wan to go home but i have to wait for sis to come to brisbane.Its been such a long time since i blog since i was so busy and nothing much to complain about. Its holiday time after a hectic one year of UNI.. Now waiting for results to come back before i choose subjects for year 2..woo hoo..YEAR 2 student..omg..time pass really fast eh..i dunwan to step into 20..hahahs..19 is already bad enough..ok..growing old.hmmm..for now, i m bored thats why im blogging.Normally i cant be bothered at all..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I think little minty is abit stress these days..Semester 2 is alot heavier than Semester one, people please dont think that because its uni in aust therefore is slack..You are so damn wrong..I am so busy these days..coming home at around 5pm everyday..oh well..leave me alone for awhile and stop askin me to find jobs now..because really there is no time when mid sem exam coming up and end yr exam coming up..since fees are so expensieve, i rather concentrate on studying to get my distinctions..i wan my 7s..I dont mind working during hols but seriously in the middle of way..ahhh..stress..i cant see y ppl expect me to do so much things at one go..further more i am new here..stop pushin me so hard..hais..its like suddenly being thrown into a mess..ahhhhhhhhh stress.. ok..minty signing off..just wanted to complain..hahahas..

Saturday, July 29, 2006

gloomy minty

minty gloomy these days, not very sure of the reason..probably too long away from home.i do have friends but sometimes i feel very empty, as if one part of me is not around.. gloomy..oh well. semester starts this week..i need something to distract my mind which is studying..yeah so happy to be back in school..hahahs.. sometimes i wish i knew somethings..but i really want to know, but dont know how to ask it out..

Saturday, July 15, 2006

one more week left

Uni is starting in a exciting, can see everyone again...yeah oh well, hols is so boring although went out for a few days, beside staying at home and work and goin out with frens, nothing realli much happened..and my fren is graduating soon..sobs will miss her so much..going to my first graduation ceremony in uni, so exciting.oh well..i hope the new semester wod be fun too..cant wait to get home at the end of the year...yaya..abit homesick...hahhas..miss my sis alot..lols..oh well..thats it for now...>.<

Monday, June 26, 2006

its time

Finally i said out the things kept in my heart for 2 years..finally had the least the burdens of the heart has been put down although i noe tt nothing will come out of it.. exams is over..and i m partying like crazy..hahas.those who are worried abt me in fine...u wodnt wanna noe wad i have been doing after fun.. nw looking forward to work and semester 2 to start.. let the time pass more quickly so that i can go back to spore to my frens and family..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

idealism or realism

sometimes gg away for awhile is good..takin a break frm everything...but nw i feel so slack...actually more like emptiness...i dun realli noe wad m i lookin for..probably down e journey of life, i hope i can find it...the transition is so weird..i mean from teenage years to young sets you thinking alot...even in a few years time, you would be given a right to vote...major decisions in life have to be made..t just feels funny...realli funny...transitions live in a real world or ideal world...hahas...time wont stop for anyone though..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

long easter break

easter is coming together with a long break...dunno wad shod i do...of cos i have to wrap up my studyin for biology abit more chem..round up my chem cmts...dunwan to keep doin so much thermodynamic tests.....hahas...phy midterm finish happy...maybe i shall run about e city more...explore here and there more...but more or less i got used to the city oredi...i wod be fine...maybe more tv too...sian

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

easter is week break...yeah mid terms is comin to a end and my broadband is up...yups..its up i solved it myself...hais...its in my i had to call them up... aniwae...happy easter everyone

Monday, March 20, 2006

mid term exam in 3 weeks time

can u believe it?mid term exams in coming in 3 weeks time lost nw.hais must study study study.hahhas.i made realli good frens with my lab partners happy... aniwae, i m so looking forward to my squash lessons on this happy..actually shoppin here is realli good..but then no money..student ma...must save save save...hahas.spend alot of money on skl stuff..oh lessons on animal biology is realli cool...we get to have out own dissection kit...hahas..this fridae...fertilising urchin's ova, playin with blood...and of cos...lookin at alive bull's sperm through readin my blog..pls leave alot of comments to keep me updated..thans so much.

Monday, March 13, 2006

a cold.

its realli nt good to fall sick when u r studyin like catchin a cold here n there.its the 3rd week of skl.everything has finalised n calm down.todae was my 1st bio professional, we have toget our own labcoats.oh well...luv being in the lab.ppl here luvs to party although me myself have nt tried gg to one is realli horrendous.cold n hot, nite cold.realli sick.oh well...nthg much gg on aniwae.ciaos....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

a undergrad

its a long time since i blog.nw in aust uni studying sci major in biomedical sci.classes just begin.i didnt noe i m so scary.its realli ex studying there.almost 3000 a subject.yes.ppl.i m taking 4 u noe wad i mean.ppl say i gote s'pore accent hahas.hais.e guys here nt suai wan.i can forget gettin a bf liao le. oh ya.results was out on wed.i got aaac.scare me lor.but happy la ok.tts all.nthg to sleep nw.lect at 9am. nites ppl. Ps:its realli boring, n i m fine dun worry.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Soon to be gone from S'pore

Its been ages since i blog...onto CNY, nothing much happen except playing mahjong, and more angpows.. Anyway, i gg to queensland university soon..there is so much feelings involved in it. It may be a good start to new found independence and freedom..its also would bring fresh feelings for me..for once i want to forget some things..although it would be deeply etched in my mind..dunno y lar..but i still hurting frm some unknown reasons.. On my work: I would be quiting soon...wod miss working was quite fun as it taught me alot of stuff..wod miss my colleagues..working let me breathe for once in e rush for e preparation for uni.. Frens:oh well,i miss them alot..e gurls n e guys..i may still be able to catch e gurls..but e guys r in NS..wad to do..i miss them so much..wonder if they have thin down alot.. I owe alot of ppl to go out with them..hahas..they kept saying they wan to treat me to a meal i wod grow fat by e way if tt happens.. I hope maybe i wod change much when i m ovseas..onli change is a constant..who noes when i m back frm s;pore aft my wod bring new challenges n beginnings again

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

after so long then i decided to blog..lazy la me..nthg realli happen recently except prom nite n christmas.. On to prom was pretty fun n hectic to put on clothes n made me alittle stress though.on tt dae, i could see everyone on different light..boys becoming men n gurls as young women stepping out into their new life.My class gurls were very pretty in their dresses, but our class boys alittle underdress..they shod have came in suits..overall it was pretty nice. i went around clicking my camera away..didnt realli eat much though..hahas.the most touching scene was when e teachers left little messages for their tt point i realli felt like nite ended with e band n ppl dancing..i just sat there taking in e atmosphere with thots just running thru my head on wad happen i this two years..did i realli grow as a person?i think i nt so sure yet but maybe time wod tell..oh well..prom marks e ending of our skl life in Jurong jc. christmas: it was enjoyable.the boys came back frm NS. they told us abt their exciting stories there, esp they have no more hair.hahas..the setting was in a restaurant which was organized my me i think it was great to have a class gathering..although some people who didnt come made such a dissapointment..oh well..wad to expect frm them..they nv considered themselves as part of e class..even leonard came lor n they didnt come..hais..when i left they were drinking red wine n i had to choice mah.. on 2006...i m like waiting for this uni to respond me..made me wait n wait..getting realli nervous n paranoid.. i went ard job hunting..finally found a job...quite fun la..learn alot of bread n more bread.. nthg much realli nw..just yesterdae went to crash e cca open hse..someone gave me quite a big surprise..somemore on the corridor of e skl la...saw alot of juniors made me so happy..skl is realli a fun place to be...skl sick sia..but ok la..everyone have to move on...alittle much stronger nw comapre to when i was sixteen.. e missing of skl is there...but shodnt brood over it too much..