Thursday, June 30, 2005

oh well

due to high demands, i have decided to blog todae...i cant understand ppl realli...esp boys... i have grew up in a surrounding where it is all gurls.. i hate ppl who keep things frm me esp when something is goin on...somemore ppl who r close to u... cant stand it..i m being ignored by one of my good guy frens...y cant he just give me a straight stupid ans... argh....shall nt bother him irritating nt hangin ard e squash court often nw...must study... onli reason to go when mao is ard..hardly see her in skl...hais..alevels.. oh ya...made a new fren too...mao's good fren..hahas

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

time to have a mugger life

i havent been blogging much due to my hectic life...mid years has just finished..n 10 more weeks is prelims oh well, i think my standard is back to normal...after all e mess i have created, everything just seem so peaceful now...its good i's all for lazy to blog these daes.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


hmm....i have been mugging lately and my concentration level is improving...must mediate everydae to achieve it
my thots though still flyin everywhere...but i dun think of certain things animore..hahax
busy with skl work...watchin anime n movies..tryin to keep myself busy...
but a sense of loneliness seem to be surrounding me...everyone is growin up so fast...hahas..
i m still stuck in my own little world..

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

oh well..holidaes

man...i hate holidaes.. it gives me holidaes blues n i wod be skl sick... cant stay at home..wod be nagged at i think i have recovered frm all my trauma tt happen last month.. rollercoaster ride... i wish e daes dun pass to quickly... its like when one dae pass is one dae closer to a's i so so scared very scared wish i had someone to cling onto.... but everyone have their own problems to attend to.. oh wait...ppl my tagboard is down right at e bottom of e page.. pls tag...lonely gal here..