Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter break

Here we are again with the one week easter break.This time it is filled with more and more assignments with 2 exams coming up.And of cos, DANA's birthday and my Xiao Di birthday.heehee.cant wait.Xiao di finally turning 18, can go clubbing already.Today, a waiter looks like a certain someone, made me keep glancing at the waiter.i think the waiter must thought i was nuts.oh well.I still remember my 17-18 year old self very well.Sometimes i wish time had stopped or i had done more things within those 2 years. Its already the 2nd year away from jc, each year we grow but memories just seem so fresh in my mind.Everytime someone's birthday is nearby, makes me think about past experiences at that age.
Here are some photos taken few weeks ago:all my act cute photos,pls donot vomit blood.Thanx.