Saturday, July 29, 2006

gloomy minty

minty gloomy these days, not very sure of the reason..probably too long away from home.i do have friends but sometimes i feel very empty, as if one part of me is not around.. gloomy..oh well. semester starts this week..i need something to distract my mind which is studying..yeah so happy to be back in school..hahahs.. sometimes i wish i knew somethings..but i really want to know, but dont know how to ask it out..

Saturday, July 15, 2006

one more week left

Uni is starting in a exciting, can see everyone again...yeah oh well, hols is so boring although went out for a few days, beside staying at home and work and goin out with frens, nothing realli much happened..and my fren is graduating soon..sobs will miss her so much..going to my first graduation ceremony in uni, so exciting.oh well..i hope the new semester wod be fun too..cant wait to get home at the end of the year...yaya..abit homesick...hahhas..miss my sis alot..lols..oh well..thats it for now...>.<