Wednesday, January 11, 2006

after so long then i decided to blog..lazy la me..nthg realli happen recently except prom nite n christmas.. On to prom was pretty fun n hectic to put on clothes n made me alittle stress though.on tt dae, i could see everyone on different light..boys becoming men n gurls as young women stepping out into their new life.My class gurls were very pretty in their dresses, but our class boys alittle underdress..they shod have came in suits..overall it was pretty nice. i went around clicking my camera away..didnt realli eat much though..hahas.the most touching scene was when e teachers left little messages for their tt point i realli felt like nite ended with e band n ppl dancing..i just sat there taking in e atmosphere with thots just running thru my head on wad happen i this two years..did i realli grow as a person?i think i nt so sure yet but maybe time wod tell..oh well..prom marks e ending of our skl life in Jurong jc. christmas: it was enjoyable.the boys came back frm NS. they told us abt their exciting stories there, esp they have no more hair.hahas..the setting was in a restaurant which was organized my me i think it was great to have a class gathering..although some people who didnt come made such a dissapointment..oh well..wad to expect frm them..they nv considered themselves as part of e class..even leonard came lor n they didnt come..hais..when i left they were drinking red wine n i had to choice mah.. on 2006...i m like waiting for this uni to respond me..made me wait n wait..getting realli nervous n paranoid.. i went ard job hunting..finally found a job...quite fun la..learn alot of bread n more bread.. nthg much realli nw..just yesterdae went to crash e cca open hse..someone gave me quite a big surprise..somemore on the corridor of e skl la...saw alot of juniors made me so happy..skl is realli a fun place to be...skl sick sia..but ok la..everyone have to move on...alittle much stronger nw comapre to when i was sixteen.. e missing of skl is there...but shodnt brood over it too much..