Monday, February 06, 2006

Soon to be gone from S'pore

Its been ages since i blog...onto CNY, nothing much happen except playing mahjong, and more angpows.. Anyway, i gg to queensland university soon..there is so much feelings involved in it. It may be a good start to new found independence and freedom..its also would bring fresh feelings for me..for once i want to forget some things..although it would be deeply etched in my mind..dunno y lar..but i still hurting frm some unknown reasons.. On my work: I would be quiting soon...wod miss working was quite fun as it taught me alot of stuff..wod miss my colleagues..working let me breathe for once in e rush for e preparation for uni.. Frens:oh well,i miss them alot..e gurls n e guys..i may still be able to catch e gurls..but e guys r in NS..wad to do..i miss them so much..wonder if they have thin down alot.. I owe alot of ppl to go out with them..hahas..they kept saying they wan to treat me to a meal i wod grow fat by e way if tt happens.. I hope maybe i wod change much when i m ovseas..onli change is a constant..who noes when i m back frm s;pore aft my wod bring new challenges n beginnings again