Sunday, September 05, 2004

To share a day with someone u luv

Today was leonard's farewell party.A time for relections.... 4 months just passed by so quicky.Just recapturing the times when we see leonard and michele together, now seeing her alone is just not right. You can see that she was not her usual self todae.well, i wod think if i was in her shoes, i wod be also struggling with inner feelings.Imagine trying to seem ok when you are not.It's not a nice feeling, trust me.The class was superhyper though, keep throwing people into the water. For me, when i see michele suffering inside, i tot abt myself too.Sometimes i wonder why being there for someone when he treats you as you are nonexistant.....It's painful. Which is more terrible...the one you luv is goin overseas for very long or the one is always there but dun notice you at all.