Monday, March 20, 2006

mid term exam in 3 weeks time

can u believe it?mid term exams in coming in 3 weeks time lost nw.hais must study study study.hahhas.i made realli good frens with my lab partners happy... aniwae, i m so looking forward to my squash lessons on this happy..actually shoppin here is realli good..but then no money..student ma...must save save save...hahas.spend alot of money on skl stuff..oh lessons on animal biology is realli cool...we get to have out own dissection kit...hahas..this fridae...fertilising urchin's ova, playin with blood...and of cos...lookin at alive bull's sperm through readin my blog..pls leave alot of comments to keep me updated..thans so much.

Monday, March 13, 2006

a cold.

its realli nt good to fall sick when u r studyin like catchin a cold here n there.its the 3rd week of skl.everything has finalised n calm down.todae was my 1st bio professional, we have toget our own labcoats.oh well...luv being in the lab.ppl here luvs to party although me myself have nt tried gg to one is realli horrendous.cold n hot, nite cold.realli sick.oh well...nthg much gg on aniwae.ciaos....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

a undergrad

its a long time since i blog.nw in aust uni studying sci major in biomedical sci.classes just begin.i didnt noe i m so scary.its realli ex studying there.almost 3000 a subject.yes.ppl.i m taking 4 u noe wad i mean.ppl say i gote s'pore accent hahas.hais.e guys here nt suai wan.i can forget gettin a bf liao le. oh ya.results was out on wed.i got aaac.scare me lor.but happy la ok.tts all.nthg to sleep nw.lect at 9am. nites ppl. Ps:its realli boring, n i m fine dun worry.