Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it time for me to move on nw..

i think i have to move oredi..
i have been so stagnant for too long...
so mint, u must move...
judgin from today..
he is drifting frm me oredi..
he seem so far away..
n me just tryin to run aft him..
probably in the process i left myself some where..
i got to go back n pick me up...
i keep running..
my way of avoidance frm reality..
i run frm myself, studies, my frens
in e process...e pain is still building up frm there..
just waitin for me to explode..

Friday, April 22, 2005

run along nw..

its seems this days, i cant seem to sit down to long to study...
maximum time for studyin=20 minutes...
i do cram alot in 20 min...
my brain in its fastest speed..
after that...i slack..
like on thursday
i got so distracted..luv runnin around..
from e squash courts to e soccer game..
last soccer game of jj this year...
tmr...got gp..
its fun..but i always fall asleep..
next week..off to see the psychologist..
must go n find out e root of all problems..
cant be cryin in a levels rite..
yawn...kept playin squash with e j1s..
they r so sweet...nice ppl..
even though i play horribly..they still r patient with me..
aniwae..made good frens there though
so happy>.<
didnt noe someone can be so hardworking..
like it when tt one is serious mode..
rather pissed at kw..n ck, bleah..cant be bothered with them..
rather sacrifice my movies..

Saturday, April 09, 2005


i m feelin so guilty.. i shodnt had said something.. didnt control my mouth.. somebody save me.. guilt is eatin me inside how... tis my fault.. i have to bear e consequences nw..

Monday, April 04, 2005


minty is just so me...
i luv skl badly
veri sian..though
the skl is nonsense
make us register online p.e timings
so stupid...
ok..enuf of that...
life has been hectic for awhile..
greatful tt its peaceful nw..
aniwae...i gonna learn tennis...still luv squash
i gonna be like mao..hook on it..
e gurls are tryin to teach me..
but i not so sporty..abit dissapointed with myself
i wonder wad he wod think if he sees me tryin to catch e ball...
n i dunno how to serve...always out of court..
hmmm....nationals are here..
mao is going to get really busy
moosy too...
i gonna get realli lonely..
but realli i hope she wins something..
good luck to moosy n mao...
so happy these few daes...