Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I think little minty is abit stress these days..Semester 2 is alot heavier than Semester one, people please dont think that because its uni in aust therefore is slack..You are so damn wrong..I am so busy these days..coming home at around 5pm everyday..oh well..leave me alone for awhile and stop askin me to find jobs now..because really there is no time when mid sem exam coming up and end yr exam coming up..since fees are so expensieve, i rather concentrate on studying to get my distinctions..i wan my 7s..I dont mind working during hols but seriously in the middle of sem..no way..ahhh..stress..i cant see y ppl expect me to do so much things at one go..further more i am new here..stop pushin me so hard..hais..its like suddenly being thrown into a mess..ahhhhhhhhh stress.. ok..minty signing off..just wanted to complain..hahahas..